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Omniguard solar systems bringing out a new generation electronic products with the latest international technology to be marketed under the trade name omniguard. The in house R and D division is constantly working for up grading the products to suit to the modern requirements.

Unique and exclusively designed and develop3ed by omniguard perfectly suitable with the local market and trends. Omniguard holds a proprietary position currently on these products.


Each of the products and system from Omniguard is selected as unique to provide total satisfaction to our customers and fulfilling their needs. The devices supports and service maintain a higher level of quality that is continuously monitored without flaw. All of the products from us bear Omniguard proprietary nature, which is unmatched in its performance.

With our strict and efficient quality control policies, staff trainings and customer feed backs, each of our clients will be protected against all malfunctioning and defects in the supplied products and workmanships.


Will undertake new design and implementation / fabrication of gadgets or electronic projects according to the customers requirements.


Omaniguard Solar Industries


Our poor quality electric current supply is vulnerable to frequent voltage and frequency fluctuations right from the production points throughout the supply system till it reaches the customers. These abnormalities arises mainly due to the following reasons. Over load/under load of voltage in the distribution line transformer faults, high voltage line interruptions caused by shorting or breakage of line etc. These faults last from one second to hours and days. Digital Home guard equipment, superfast digital high voltage preventer module along with other function can detect and shut off the supply to its connected equipment’s with in micro seconds whenever a crises arises.

IInd type of disturbance shoots due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Radio frequency interference (RFI) These are generated from high frequency equipment’s such as electronic chocks relay transmitters etc. can cause disturbance like humming in the sound and grains and disturbance in the TV picture etc. also electrical surges and spikes are created due to the back EMF from heavy load equipment’s. Super-efficient line filter module in our home guard short EMI and RFI signals to ground and remove high frequency signals from the low frequency 50 Hz power line.

Power line transients are the most devastating form of noise interference in computer and other sensitive audio equipment’s. Transients are large potentially damaging spikes of voltage or current that are generated in the power line feeding electrical power to your community. Spikes can be caused by lightening striking a power line. Somewhere, utility company equipments failure or the on off switching action common to using any electrical tool or appliance. Most of these spikes are small and barely noticeable, but some voltage spikes as large as 1700 volt have been measured in home wiring. Residential areas experiences more large spikes transients than commercial areas. Large spikes over comes the power supply protection and gets to the logic circuitry. The general effect is erased or altered data. But if the spike is too large, sensitive circuit devices can be destroyed.

Third type of natural hazard like lightning can be seriously damage all electrical and electronic equipment’s. The high voltage clamping network in our equipment will clamp the line voltage at a certain level preventing over voltage spikes from getting into your equipment’s. The unique feature of our home-guard systems, from conventional stabilizers is that it has dual circuitry system that prevent high voltage damages (up to 450 v level) of the equipment whenever line voltage increases from normal level due to phase interferences or other reasons. The equipment intelligently switches over its normal circuit to 450v circuit fabricated in itself protecting the equipment itself and other house hold equipment’s connected to it. Conventional stabilizer take care only up to maximum of 300 v line voltage and higher voltage will damage the stabilizer circuitry burning out other equipment connected to it.

Another special feature is over load protection with the help of precision current sensing circuit. Thus these equipments guards your computer processor and other allied circuitries from damage and causing heavy lose.


Solar power is a great source of alternative renewable energy. compare to other modes of energy generation. Solar Power plants give clean, pollution free, eco-friendly, less operation and maintenance cost, long life etc., as advantages. Solar home system offered by us are of high performance, complete and easy to install incorporating years of experience and latest solar technology. Omniguard harness the power of the sun to provide reliable and cost effective electricity. These systems supplies electricity for lightning entertainment and information to homes that are not connected to grid or where it is quite erratic. The solar home system is an excellent solution for house hold electrification in rural areas.


Solar Mini Home System

In this type energy hungry light points and fans in a building are replaced by very low energy consuming LED lamps and DC fans coupled with solar power system. Here the total power consumption will be very low since no DC to AC conversion is taking place and hence total installation cost will be very low and there for ordinary customers can easily implement this. This system comprises PV module for charging the battery, solar deep cycle battery for storage. An intelligent charge controller for the safe charging and discharging of battery as well as complete set of installation hardware. Because this system is isolated from the general AC power supply with in the building. There is no hazardous possibilities like lightning attack, voltage variation and other line related problems.


Technique employed here is that in day time when abundant sun light is available, the full solar electric current generated is used to charge the batteryonly. While in the sunset when darkness falls over, the system will automatically switches to the battery so that lights, fans and TV can be functioned in the peak consumption hours between, 6 pm - 10 pm. Adjusting the battery and panel capacity this power supply period can be varied according to customers need. Due to continuous usage if the battery charge gets exhaust below the cut off limit, automatically the system will change over to state grid power supply thus providing uninterrupted power to the user.


The prospective clients for this type of system are those who don’t want state grid power supply and want to depend on their own power generation unit due to heavy electric tariff, remote area dwellers who are in accessible to the state grid supply, tourist house boat operators etc. Here we make use of huge batteries with heavy load capacity coupled with other relative accessories. hence the installation cost will relatively higher. Now a days government providing large amount of subsidies for those make use of this renewable energy generation facility.

Omaniguard Solar Industries
Omaniguard Solar Industries
Omaniguard Solar Industries


Indian’s first fully microcontroller based digital and sign wave invertors design and developed by some of the best brains in this business. All the invertors are designed with the best international technology. But modified specifically to suit the Indian erratic power supply and manufactured under strict quality control to provide you with durable trouble free service.


Advanced mosfet circuit, over load, short circuit, lightning and battery over drain protection. Low voltage charging.Charger status Indicator battery low early warning LED and audio indicator for all states.Delayed change over to main for disturbance free operation. Intelligent auto reset. Over voltage protection. Battery faults indication load level indication. Highly stable crystal control frequency. Overload early warning. Intelligent battery management.500w, 750w, 1Kw, models available.


It is a prestigious and sophisticated proprietary product totally developed by us for the benefit of every customers in India. The system consists of a present detection component, timer and control parts and an electrical interface for switching the connected circuits. In the normal operation the system will power all devices switched on including light, fan, air conditioner etc. In an electrical circuit connected to it. In case human presence is not detected in the sensing area for a preset time. The system willl automatically switch off all connected device related to the area or zone, maintaining a minimum light, once presence is detected again the system will revert to its normal operating position powering all devices .

Presently we are the first and only designer in India for similar energy saving system combined with its future expansion. The system will become capable of managing the entire electro mechanical installations at a facility. We calculate that an average installation comprising 5000 watts load will recover the investment with in three or five years from installation of this energy saving system.

Omaniguard Solar Industries
Omaniguard Solar Industries


It is a novelty product with several unique features. The important advantage are its low power consumption, long life and intelligent operation. The unit is a combination of high intensity white LEDS behind a diffuser, supported by compact rechargeable batteries and an ambient light sensitive operation once fully charged the light will operate for more than twelve hours continuously on power failure.

The unit will operate only in low light conditions and there for its operation is prevented automatically during power outages in day time and while lights are switched on at night.


Thanks to electronics we can now obtain security against intruders, fire, flood and other hazards at low-cost, yet with a high degree of reliability. As would be intruders become more determinate and more cunning electronic measures to outwit them become more sophisticated and effective. A recent survey has shown that even simple security measures reduce the incidence of crime by 40%. Our security system not only saves money but the advantage is that the system can be tailored to customers very special need with ultra modern functionality.


The system will monitor occurrence of situations such as system armed or disarmed, any triggered sensors, any sensors with low battery warning. Any sensors with failure warning (Loss of supervisory signal) phone line failure etc.


I You can call the control panel with the help of telephone line when you are away from the home and perform a variety of operations such as Arm, disarm, system status, on, off lights with the help of control module connected to that particular light.
II. When the control panel calls you during emergency such as a burglary attempt you can program up to five emergency phone numbers. When the systems is in panic the control panel will call these phone numbers automatically and you will get intimations of trespassing announcing the location of burglar attempts.
III.Profile enhance targeting and rolling coded technology will eliminate the chance of false alarm. 96 Hours battery backup eliminate the chance of system shutdown during power failure.

Omaniguard Solar Industries
Omaniguard Solar Industries


Since 1925 magnificent sound generated from valve systems has conquered human mind. Even in this nano-technological era, where numerous transistors can be fabricated in a RBC sized chip, Till now man is unable to develop quality sound spectra equivalent to that of valves, using modern solid state technology.

Due to higher level of third order harmonics as inter stage distortion, the sound generated by solid state device, will be nasty and harsh, were as valve amplified sound is warmth rich and nice due to higher level of second order harmonics generated by non-liner clipping. Such a sound will rise the listeners mind to a pleasing & soothing mood.

For this reason America and other western countries make use of high end guitar, professional studio amplifier and recently in Russia and China valve production factories were restarted. Fore seeing this scenario that in near future India also will turn to this trend, we planned to design and develop valve amplifiers.