Omniguard established in early 1992 by an Young Well aspired and motivated technocrat named Rajesh Panicker was first located at Maranadu in Kollam District of Kerala. At its inception stage it was involved in the design and implementation of electronic projects, Design and fabrication of special transformers and PCB’s for various industrial companies.

Since the inception of omniguard it has been prepared to deliver the highest available standards of quality and performance to the entire satisfaction of each customer's diverse requirements. Omniguard today is fully capable in consultation design, supply implementation, training and maintenance of power conditioning solar power generation, security, UPS products and integrated or independent systems using most advanced technologies and know how.

Omniguard Solar Industries

To maintain a pioneer position in deliver the highest available standards of quality and performance to the entire satisfaction of each customer's diverse requirements.

Omniguard Solar Industries

To develop indigenous products and services and lead as one of the leaders in eletronic industry such that others will follow our proven practice and principles

Omniguard Solar Industries
Our value lies in the fact that we offer flexible solutions suitable to the varying needs of our customers. We will always focus on quality and innovations.

The core management of omniguard includes executives with highly successful backgrounds in the relevant industry and proven experience with Indian market, assisted by a committed team of qualified experts, from finance administration, marketing, sale, Technical and customer support areas, Their experience include of 20 years in electronic design/production fields in India, introducing new products and services generating profitable customer accounts as well as establishing strong customer support and persuasive relation. Omniguard also designed and implemented strategic marketing/ sale plans, market / product research missions and schemes to penetrate expand and maintain highly competitive markets. Our objective include leading the omniguard to have each house hold and office in the country equipped with at least one omniguard products in next ten years.


Omniguard emphasize on the policy to deliver quality and performance to the satisfaction of each customer and thus becoming recognized as the preferred supplier with each reputed client. We are determined to achieve this by consistently providing products and services to the highest available standards, exceeding the expectations of each customer. Our approach therefore shall base on clear understanding of the objectives, strategy and traditions of the client, retaining their long - term confidence and loyalty.

Each of Omniguard staff members well trained on priority recognizes their responsibilities and commitments ensuring complete satisfaction of our customers, achieved in a timely, cost effective, and professional manner. supervisory control and joint reviews implemented encourages transparency and improvement based on our experience developments and market trends.